When planning your wedding budget don't forget to factor in the cost of posting your save the dates, wedding invitations and thank you cards, and if you're feeling generous then a pre-stamped RSVP. 

I got caught out by this when planning my own wedding, as I didn't factor in that the personalised magnet I included would take me over the maximum 0.5cm thickness for standard letters. So make sure you think about the weight and dimensions of your stationery so you don't get a shock at the post office.

My A6 and A5 wedding stationery options both fit within the standard letter size predefined by Royal Mail (see below) but if you're planning to add any embellishments like a bow you may have to pay out more for postage because of the depth.

Size & Price guide for postage with Royal Mail

Standard Letters not exceeding:
Length: 24cm, Width: 16.5cm, Thickness up to and including: 0.5cm, Weight limit: 100g
Large Letters not exceeding:
Length: 35.5cm, Width: 25cm, Thickness up to and including: 2.5cm, Weight limit: 750g
1st Class85p£1.29 (100g)
£1.83 (250g)
£2.39 (500g)
£3.30 (750g)
2nd Class66p96p (100g)
£1.53 (250g)
£1.99 (500g)
£2.70 (750g)

Contact me if you'd like any advice on posting your wedding invites or to get a quote to design and print bespoke wedding stationery for your special day.